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What you should be able to answer when asked by a web designer.

Not knowing what to prepare for can lead to many uncertain and unexpected costs. Here are a few questions that help a web designer in return give you a straight realistic answer about how long and how much it will cost to build your website.

# 1 – Do You Want to Build a New Website or Redesign an Existing One?

If you have an existing website, the web designer will need to know what was used to create your website and if there will be any compatibility issues.  Transferring of domain and web servers will be needed. Different tools and features that can cause conflict and help determine if parts of your website must be recreated.

# 2 – Describe Your Business in a Few Sentences

Details of your business can help determine what type of site will be necessary to be planned out. Different businesses will require different website features such as a booking system, payment system or an email system and etc.

# 3 – What Services Do You Offer?

Selling services or products will require different features.  Products usually require more pages such as different category pages, product pages for each product, payment check out pages and etc. Many industries are also regulated differently and the proper preparations will help avoid lawsuits or government actions taken against your business.

# 4 – Who Is Your Target Audience?

Knowing this will help with providing you with the marketing data in advance.

# 5 – What Makes Your Services Unique?

A unique service means less resources and may be a specialized or of a customized design.

# 6 – What Features Does Your Website Need to Be Successful?

Cost will increase with the amount of features needed. Many features may require the web designer to purchase plugins to help you achieve what you need and lowering costs of specialized coding.

# 7 – What Are Three of Your Favorite Websites (And Why)?

Having a better idea visually of what you want to achieve will give web designers understand expectations.

# 8 – Are You Interested in Content Marketing Services?

Content marketing is not part of the web design process and will be an extra cost. You want to know these costs before will help you with your realistic budget.

# 9 – Would You Like Us to Provide Ongoing Support and Maintenance?

All web designer may charge a monthly fee or include maintenance in your budget and future cost.

# 10 – What Is Your Budget?


Web designers understand that this is a difficult question to answer and usually hesitate to answer however important to help give a realistic idea of what limits there are depending on costs. It is best to give your honest answer so the web designer doesn’t offer a low price to wheel you in and being hit with unexpected costs down the road which is common tactic used in the industry.

# 11 – What Is Your Ideal Launch Date for the Website?

All web designer may charge a monthly fee or include maintenance in your budget and future cost.

# 12 – Do You Have Any Existing Style Guides and Guidelines?

All web designer may charge a monthly fee or include maintenance in your budget and future cost.

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